Mild side effects of MMR Vaccine

Most of the patients who receive MMR vaccine encounter only the mild forms of its side effects. Some of the mild adverse effects of this vaccine include:

  • short-term mild rash
  • fever
  • swollen glands or pain or stiffness in your joints.

These side effects are relatively rare and appear only after receiving the MMR vaccine.

MMR Vaccine Severe side effects

There are several severe MMR vaccine side effects reported but these are considered to be rare. Severe MMR vaccine side effects include low level of blood platelet or serious allergic reactions, such as difficult breathing, hives or swelling. Some other severe adverse effects of this vaccine require urgent medical attention and include dizziness, fast heartbeats, weakness or any other unusual signs after the vaccine. If any of these symptoms are encountered, you must consult your doctor urgently.

What is MMR vaccine used for?

MMR is a vaccine that is combined from three different other injections. This vaccine has protective properties against measles, mumps and rubella. These three conditions are dangerous, contagious and spread through coughing, breathing or sneezing, from person to person.

Measles attack the lungs and it’s a dangerous condition as it can cause even death. Mumps is another dangerous disease that might cause spinal cord covering, infection of the brain or even death. Rubella, on its other naming German measles, leads to rash and fever but the worst symptoms appear in pregnant women. This condition might cause mental retardation, spleen and liver damage, heart defects or any other birth defects in the infant.

MMR Vaccine Interactions and Risks

  • You already received an MMR vaccine.
  • You’ve taken a blood test in the past that proves that you’re immune to these three diseases.
  • You already had these conditions and were diagnosed and treated by a doctor.
  • You ever presented life-threatening allergic reactions to Gelatin, any MMR vaccine or Neomycin. You are not allowed to receive the vaccine, if you are in any of these situations.
  • You suffer from HIV or any other immune system disease, cancer or you’re receiving drugs or X-rays for treating his condition, you are taking any other medications and/or steroids that influence your immune system, have any blood disease, blood transfusion or you’re taking blood products or you are currently suffering from any other severe condition. All these medication conditions must be reported to your doctor before receiving MMR vaccine.

MMR vaccine and pregnancy

According to medical studies, the MMR vaccine is extremely dangerous during pregnancy because it might cause severe and life-threatening birth defects in the infant, even death. If you want to receive this vaccine before getting pregnant, you must receive it with at least 4 weeks before getting pregnant.

MMR vaccine and breastfeeding

MMR vaccine passes into breast milk but it’s not expected to harm the nursing baby. Despite of the fact that there aren’t any risks of this vaccine reported during breastfeeding, if you are precautions, you will still to your doctor before receiving the vaccine, if you’re nursing a baby.

MMR vaccine overdose

It’s not possible to overdose with MMR vaccine as you receive it from your doctor and he/she knows what the optimal dosage for you is.